Adults come to us for a variety of reasons, either they are complete beginners and have never had the opportunity to learn to swim or they can “kind of swim” but with little technique or style or they can swim but want to swim better. We love teaching adults as the independence and confidence it gives them is such a reward to our teachers and motivates us to push them even further and beyond what they thought was possible in the pool.

What levels do you teach?
We teach all levels, from total beginners to advanced swimmers who are either wanting to get fit to join a masters class, do an open water swim or a triathlon.

How long are your lessons?
Adult group lessons are 45 minutes long while adult 1:1 lessons are 30 minutes long.

How many lessons will I need in order to be able to swim?
There is no time line on this, once you start lessons your instructor will offer you continuous feedback and guidance after each lesson. Whether you are a beginner swimmer or an intermediate swimmer you can ask your instructor to provide drills to practice outside of your lesson to improve your progress. Remember the more you swim the better you will get.

Do you offer intense programmes for adults?
Yes we do. This means that you can book (a series of lessons to get you going quickly in a short space of time. Our holiday booster weeks, which are 5 consecutive lessons, Monday to Friday during each school holiday and half term are also great options to look at).

Do I need to wear a swim hat and goggles?
It is compulsory that all swimmers wear swimming hats. It is far nicer to swim with goggles. For beginners this means that you will be much less anxious about putting your face in the water. We sell swim hats and goggles at our venues.

What do I need to bring with me?
Just your swimming costume, swim hat, goggles and a towel. Besides swimming costumes, we have everything else for sale at the venue.

What happens if I miss a lesson?
Every time you are unable to attend a swimming lesson it is important to log the absence either via the SWIMTANK app or parent portal. This then alerts the office and your swimming teacher. In terms of making up a missed lesson, each venue has its own policy which will be emailed to you after you have enrolled.