Payment is due at the start of each new swimming term. Should you join mid-way through you will only be charged for the remaining lessons in the term. Payment will be debited for your convenience; a payment link will be emailed to you separately where you can set up your payment permission.

The end of a term is by no means the end of the learning and it is vital that when you choose to end your lessons you decide to end them, because you are satisfied that your child is a confident and strong swimmer, not because you forgot to “re-enrol” That is why at Swim Tank we simply carry your lesson day and time rolling on term after term and your tell us when you want to end, you never need to remember to “rebook” This roll on will also apply during the break we have every summer.

Please provide us with 1 months’ notice when you do decide to stop. 

We allow 1 lesson to be missed each term for swimmers having 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1 lessons, we are however human and realise “life happens” chat to us if there is an extenuating circumstance we need to take into consideration.

Babies in our baby programme are an exception due to their developing immune systems and we would rather you didn’t bring your baby to swimming if you felt they were unwell. It is easy enough to slot you into a group on another day so that you can catch up.

As displayed on the website – charged per term, number of lessons each term may vary.

Please make sure that all swimmers use the loo, blow noses and shower before lessons. 

All swimmers, both boys and girls are to wear swimming caps – this is compulsory. 


  • Swimming costume and swimming cap
  • Goggles and a towel
  • Flippers if you have (squad swimmers)

Babies are required to wear a double nappy.

The first nappy should be a swimming nappy or reusable nappy wrap. We’ve found the Huggies “little swimmers” or Splash About “nappy wrap” to be the best options.

Then the outer nappy must be a Happy Nappy, almost all other nappies are not ideal because the seal of the Happy Nappy is so superior. We just can’t run the risk of an accidental leak in the swimming pool.

We will have a full range of sizes and designs to choose from when you arrive, and we will help with the correct fit.

Several changing mats will be available around the venue, but feel free to bring your own.

Boys and Girls aged 8 and under may use either the male or female change rooms. Adults accompanying them must use the appropriate changing room, i.e. a female accompanying a male child aged 8 and under must use the female changing room, a male accompanying a female aged 8 and under must use the male changing room. Children aged nine and over must use the appropriate changing room, i.e. girls into the female changing room and boys into the male changing room and may only be accompanied by an adult of the same gender.

Photographs are forbidden in both the changing rooms and on poolside.